PAPod 6 - Introducing ORCHSE - Steve and Dee talk about the new view of safety both old and new


Meet Steve Newell and Dee Woodhull in a discussion about safety and the new view.  Steve and Dee are some of the founders of an organization called ORCHSE.  This discussion talks about history, the present, and the future of better understanding fatalities and serious events.  This discussion is an entertaining and interesting look at how organizations are thinking about leading safety and reliability.

PAPod 5 - Slips, Trips, and Falls - Jim Kleinsteuber


Jim Kleinsteuber is an expert on a problem we all have in our organizations: slips, trips, and falls.  This conversation is with one of the leading instructors on a slip, trip, and fall simulator and he is well versed in why this safety learning tool makes so much sense in our workplaces.  Before you rush to judgement, give this a listen - this episode just might be the introduction a whole new approach to slips, trips, and falls.

PAPod 4 - Failure Defined - Miracle on the Hudson


In this podcast we revisit January 15, 2009.  That was the day that the Miracle on the Hudson water ditching event happened.  Using this event's radio communication we discuss the three parts of an event - and how this event was not a miracle, but an unusual combination of normal performance variability.

Martha Acosta returns to talk about System Thinking


Martha Acosta finishes up her first podcast with a second podcast.  This podcast is a conversation about the differences between system one and system two thinking - and how those differences change the way we do problem identification and discovery.  


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