PAPod 11 - Gotta Fix Everything? Not according to Tony Muschara…Critical Steps


Meet Tony Muschara.  If you don't know his name you probably know his work.  Tony has been one of the longest-practicing New View safety and reliability professionals. Tony works around the world with clients who do work that simply cannot fail.  Tony helps us understand how we can be more effective by introducing the idea Critical Steps in our work processes.  We can fix everything, we don't need to fix everything, but we must fix the places where failure will have the highest costs to life and assets. Tony is a wonderful man and this conversation in generous and enlightening.  Enjoy!

Safety Moment - Where will the next accident happen?


This safety moment asks you to ask you workers a question, "Where will the next accident happen at this facility?"  It is a simple question, not very scientific or measurable, but incredibly accurate and predictive.  You workers know where your organization's systems are strong and good and where your organization's systems are weak and error-prone.  Knowing where your systems are weak allows you to identify problems that are happening...not problems that have happened.  Enjoy this little tiny tip...and learn from this tips power.

PAPod 10 - Tray table up and 90 seconds to evacuate


Today's podcast is a discussion with a Senior Flight Attendant Instructor about safety, performance, and reliability at the worker level.  Discussions with people who must ensure safety in the very midst of the traveling public are interesting and informative. Chris Basore talks about training for events that hopefully will never, ever happen - but if they do, everybody must perform exactly to expectation.  The challenge is to ensure that very outcome happens.  High consequence, low probability event preparation is time consuming, difficult, and important...and we all can learn from the commercial aviation industry.  Enjoy this podcast, it is interesting.

Safety Moment - The Problem with Plans


This safety moment presents a question and I am not sure there is an answer.  It seems like that would be no good for anybody, but this safety moment asks "if planning is sufficient enough to create safe and reliable work?"  This thought provoking discussion should be a great starting point for you to lead your very own discussion about plans, procedures, and prevention.  

PAPod 9 - Let’s talk about COMPLEXITY and organizations with Jim Barker


Jim Barker has some great ideas about complexity and organizations.  Dr. Barker is on the leadership faculty at Dalhousie University and spends his time thinking about how organizations function in complex operational environments.  This conversation will both change your thinking and prepare you with ways to move further in understanding and managing workers in complex operations.  This conversation is the beginning of what I hope is many more conversations about "the motion of complexity."  Listen carefully to Jim's comments about workers knowing what to do now - and how the now is not the past or the future.  This is a great podcast.

Safety Moment - Questioning Attitude


The problem with being wrong is that before you know you are wrong, you think you are right.  This quick safety moment is an introduction to the idea of how important having a "questioning attitude" is to the normal and reliable operational systems that you count on as a manager.  In short, if nothing is going on - you should not feel safer - you ought to be asking what could happen next.

PAPod 8 - Tom Krause talks with Todd about BBS and the New View


Tom Krause has the best discussion about BBS, his world, his history, and what he is thinking about now.  This discussion is a great way to understand how all of our safety approaches have helped moved the thinking about safe and reliable systems towards new thinking.  Without the old - we could not have the new...and why that is refreshing and important.

Safety Moment - Be Prepared


Safety Moment:  Asking workers to not get hurt is not very effective.  Asking workers to be prepared for a potential event and building in safeguards and defenses is crazily effective.  Which one of these choices have you traditionally done?  Which one do you think is more effective?  Give this a listen.

Safety Moment - Success of Failure?


There were some request to do some small safety or operational excellence moments for leaders.  This is the first in that great experiment.  This safety moment is a discussion for leaders about the determining is an event is a safety failure or a safeguard success.  The funny thing is...that difference is a decision that a manager is forced to make immediately and often with very little information.  Which decision the managers makes - makes a huge difference to how the organization responds.

PAPod 7 - Kurt Kruger talks about moving a GIANT organization towards the new view


Kurt Kruger is a global safety manager - no, check that a global safety force - and he discusses the power of changing how an entire organization thinks about safety.  Kurt's talk discusses learning from success and learning from failures in order to help managers at all levels change the way they manage safety.


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