PAPod 20- Violence, Safety, and Your Workplace: Marc McElhaney


Last month a young pilot flew his plane directly in to the side of a mountain.  Dr. Marc McElhaney is the founder and Managing Director of Critical Response Associates, a national team of psychologists and behavior specialists who specialize in threat and risk assessment. Marc is a noted expert in threats of worker reliability, one of the best in the business.  In this conversation Marc and Todd talk about the intersection between mental stability and workplace safety.  All the discussions we have had about actual violation of safety rules take on a new light in today's episode.  You don't want to miss this conversation.

Safety Moment - The Power of Surprises for Prediction


If one of your workers is ever surprised by a condition they discover while doing work - you want to know.  Asking workers about surprise conditions is a powerful way to start a post-job brief or after action review.  We all struggle with understanding how work is done when the work is successful.  One great way to begin those conversations is to ask workers if they were surprised.  Try it and see what you think?

Special Invitation to Amsterdam - Complex Interactive Process and Risk


The Complex Interactive Processes Institute is holding a conference and you are specially invited to attend.  Consider this a VIP invitation only available for people who listen to the podcast.  You are special! Your Mom was right!   

The Conference theme is:  How to deal with crises?  Complex interactive processes as a determining factor for successful risk/crisis management.  This is the Second International CIP event to be held July 2 and 3, 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

PAPod 19 - Marc Yeston on Leading High Reliability


This is Marc Yeston.  He is the Chief Ranger at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  Marc Yeston is a long-time student of Human Performance and High Reliability, but from a much different approach, Marc gets the chance to practice these skills and approaches almost every day.  Marc talks about his experience in leading teams doing heli-rescues, high-angle rescues, and tons more interesting - high-risk/high-value operations.  Perhaps what is most important about this episode is Marc's ability to talk about the responsibility in leading this type of worker.  Marc talks directly about what he has learned (and who he has learned from) about field leadership and high functioning - high risk work.  You are going to love this podcast.  Learn much!

Safety Moment - How do you know?


How do you know what you don't know?  How do you know what you know?  How do you know you know what you know?  How do I know I know until I know?  How do you know?

PAPod 18 - Learning Teams


Let's check in with Bob Edwards for the second part of his podcast visit. This episode is exclusively about Learning Teams.  Bob has been a part of hundreds of operational learning activities for Human and Organizational Performance all over the world.  I think it would be safe to say no one knows more about HOP learning - Bob is a master.  If you are interested in learning and improvement...This podcast is for you.

Safety Moment - Drift Away


This safety moment talks about just how normal "drift" is in the way workers do their work.  Everybody drifts...everybody.  So, if drift is normal what do we do with drift?  Listen and think about this questions. Remember...drift is normal.  You can't remove it, so we MUST understand it.

PAPod 17 - Randy Cadieux and Risky Teams


Randy Cadieux is a Aviation guy....and that is just where Randy starts his career in safety, reliability and performance.  Randy comes from the HRO side of the tracks and his expertise makes him quite a force...but you can talk to him about this stuff, because Randy's experience is from the world of Aviation safety and practice - more practice - less theory. Enjoy this episode.  It is great.

Safety Moment - Should we reward workers for not getting hurt?


Here's a question:  "How did we get to a place where we started thinking that we could reward workers for not getting hurt?"  There are many companies that have long-running safety incentive programs, often at great expense and effort of the organization.  How did this become an idea that we thought would make a difference? If we believe we can reward workers for not getting hurt, then we must believe that getting hurt is a monetary choice made be workers with full knowledge of the outcome. That is crazy talk - and yet very good and very smart companies have these programs. Who is right?  See what you think.  

PAPod 16 - Bob Edwards - The HOP Coach


This episode is fun.  Bob Edwards was the lead field Human Performance expert for GE - specifically GE Appliances.  He talks about the new view from a very important perspective - a safety guy who has actually done it (and is still doing it even today).  Bob brings real experience with these programs to the table and has much to say.  Bob was in the area, I was home for a couple days, and we ate burritos and chatted about Safety.  This is part one of two episodes - part one is an introduction to where, how, and why Bob is so good at this work.  Enjoy - no burritos where harmed in this podcast.

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