PAPod 24 - Robert Holmes talks, really talks, about leading metrics


OK.... Don't miss this episode.  This is Dr. Robert Holmes, a leading thinker in predictive modeling, takes some time out of his busy day and (after a bit of wine) tells the safety world about leading data... the idea of predictive data... but he does it from a world where VERY smart people have been thinking about this problem.  Please listen to what Robert has to say.  I don't think you will need much convincing about the use of "big" data to predict what could (and may) happen in the future.   Robert is a great friend and a smart man. You will learn much about safety prediction in this episode of PreAccident Investigation Podcast.

Safety Moment - Finding Good Conditions is fun, easy, and important!


We know how important condition identification is...but, does the rest of the safety world know this?  There are companies out in the world right now selling people on the idea that conditions should not be identified - only behaviors should be seen.  STOP THAT!  We all know conditions must be present in order for failure to happen... no latent conditions, no error provoking conditions, no system bad outcome.  It's that simple, manage the conditions and the behaviors take care of themselves.  Check this podcast episode out and see if you agree?

PAPod 23 - Tania Palmer: Learning, Safety, and Small Experiments


Tania was appointed General Manager of Health, Safety and Environment in September 2013. She was previously Contact's Head of Performance, Rewards & Employment Relations where she led all reward, performance management, employment relations, talent and change management processes. Prior to joining Contact she was director of a successful HR Consultancy, where she led projects for clients within the energy, science and research, manufacturing, retail, arts, financial services, non-profit and government sectors. Tania has also held senior human resources and training management roles in banking, the food manufacturing and export sector, and the military. Tania's discussion about her success and how she got her organization to this place is worth a listen.  DON'T MISS THIS PODCAST!

Safety Moment - Cardinal Rules…A Good Idea?


We have all seen them, rewards for safety records, but are they a good idea or a bad idea?  This discussion starts to take on this question.  I would bet you know what I think.  I am very interested in what you think. Can we pay people not to get hurt?  Are we paying workers to not be stupid...or are we paying workers to be smart?  The biggest question is does paying people really make your organization safer...or quieter?  

PAPod 22 - Ron Gantt: The new face of the New View


Ron Gantt is the Vice President of SCM Safety. He has over 14 years of experience in the safety field. Ron has earned his Masters of Engineering in Advance Safety Engineering and Management and has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Occupational Safety and Health. In addition to his academic achievements Ron is also a Certified Safety Professional, an Associate Risk Manager and a Certified Environmental, Safety, and Health Trainer. Ron was awarded the 2013 Rising Star of Safety from the National Safety Council and the Young Talent Participant from the Resilience Engineering Association in 2015. Ron specializes in working towards creating noticeable change in the safety field by working with clients to enhance their safety leadership, safety management systems, regulatory compliance and organizational learning. In his free time Ron enjoys spending time with his wife and their 4 dogs, watching movies and learning new things.

Safety Moment - It’s A Match!


Welcome guest Safety Momenteer Marc Yeston to the Operational Excellence stage.  Marc is going to tell a story and you should listen for several reasons:  1.  Marc is a good story teller.  2.  It is a good story  3.  The story is a great way to teach some important safety concepts about learning and worker engagement.  Pull up a chair, open an adult beverage (unless you are at work), and listen carefully.  You will be smarter for it.

PAPod 21- Ivan Pupulidy…We don’t manage safety - We manage margins.


Todd and Ivan talk like old friends - because they are old teaching buddies.  In this conversation Ivan Pupulidy, Director of the Office of Learning at the US Forest Service, talks about the new view, learning, and the journey we are all taking to see the world in a new light.  Ivan's has an extensive background in Aviation Safety, Fire Fighting, Operational Safety, and Accident Investigation and Learning.  This conversation is fun, fast, and entertaining.  You will like what Ivan has to teach us.  Don't miss this episode.

Safety Moment - When everything works - There’s nothing to measure.


This Safety Moment features a thoughtful quote about the investments we make and the pay-offs we get.  Sometimes it is hard to justify the resources we spend for the benefits we really get.  The problem is... it is really hard to measure nothing... and when we make investments the very best pay-off we can have is nothing happens.  This episode is a discussion on this very topic.  Enjoy and share!


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