PAPod 55 - Tony Muschara - Its “Risk” Differently!


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Here is Tony Muschara.  We love Tony.  He is the most popular podcast guest ever in the history of the PreAccident Podcast.  Tony is amazing and in many ways is one of the early adopters, thinkers, and writers of the new view in the United States.
Tony has become very interested in how workers view risk.  This new interest area is very aligned with the likes of John Adams and others.  You are going to find this podcast a bit mind bending.  Remember, our goal is to have a conversation that challenges the way we think about safety.
This podcast does exactly that.  Listen carefully.   
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Safety Moment - The Big Short - A movie with Jenga Blocks


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This is a quick discussion of our ability to learn and improve from past events.  To have this discussion we are going to talk about the movie "The Big Short."  This is a movie that uses Jenga blocks to illustrate the complex adaptive. socio-technical failure that was the housing market in the United States.
Why would we care about a movie?  See if you can see the direct comparisons to systems, people, production, money, and power - and ask if we are also managing systems in which our ability to learn and improve is colored by other bias's.    Also, perhaps you look like Brad Pitt.  
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PAPod 54 - SCUBA Diving, Risk, and Safety Differently


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Gareth Lock is a technical diver who has a keen interest in understanding how human errors manifest themselves in the sport diving arena. He is currently serving in the Royal Air Force and has used his experience and knowledge gained as both a ‘Flying Supervisor’ and a ‘Tactical Flight Instructor’ to apply ‘Human Factors’ techniques from military aviation to improving diver safety.  

Gareth and Todd discuss the journey from Aviation Safety to Diving Safety and everything in between. This is a great podcast.  You will like this episode.

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Safety Moment - Safety is a Common Good


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Safety is a common good.  Safety is created by a group of people to serve all of the members of an organization.  Safety is not a product that is produced.  Safety is not an outcome to be achieved.  Safety is a common value.  Safety benefits all. 
We have (and have tended) to forgotten this idea.  Because of the way we measure and incentivize safety we have forgotten that safety is a common good.
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PAPod 53 - Charles Major talks about Luminant’s Journey to Operational Excellence


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Charles Major is the Manager of Operational Excellence at Luminant Power in Texas.  Luminant is the largest competitive power generation business in Texas. Our activities include plant and mining operations, wholesale marketing and trading, and development operations. Our legacy began with the first electricity service to brighten Texas homes and continues today in a strong relationship between our business, the people we serve and the families who have been part of our ranks for generations. With deep roots in communities across our state and a mission for innovation and leadership in the energy industry, we are intertwined in the history and committed to the future of Texas.

Charles talks about Luminant's journey.  This is a great podcast.  Thanks for listening.  Without you, nobody would listen.

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Safety Moment - Manny Albert - This Is Why?


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This is my friend Manny Albert.  Manny is from Fortus Alberta and he is great.  Manny had an idea about helping new workers think about lessons that the "old guys" had to learn the hard way.  Manny's idea is to feature potential risks by talking about why they are risks.   These conversations are technical discussion about risk, conditions, and work...and they are about a hundred times more powerful then simply telling a worker the rule.
You will love this safety moment.   Thanks for listening and if you have any ideas or suggestion send em in.   Thanks for making the podcast go.

PAPod 52 - Prediction! Go Figure? Cary Usrey


Safety Podcast, New View, Safety Differently, Human Performance.

Cary Usrey has been a Process Improvement Leader at Predictive Solutions since March 2007. In this role, Cary is responsible for implementing safety management solutions and best practices for customers seeking to prevent worker injuries and reduce potential liabilities. He coaches customers through an assessment, goal-setting, and goal measurement process that is designed to maximize safety improvement and widespread organizational engagement, from the field to leadership. Cary’s career as a safety professional spans twenty years and includes roles in both construction and general industry. Cary has graduated with his Associate's Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado, is an active member of the Central FL chapter of the ASSE, and served six years on the Board of Directors for the VPPPA (Region II). 

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Safety Moment - Accountability Counts


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Let's re-introdruce this word in your workplaces.  We use accountability as a weapon by which we harm workers...Instead, can't we look at how we create an environment where our workers can be successful, and then count on the worker doing everything they can in oder to make work happen.
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PAPod 51 - The First Annual Call-in Show


Safety Podcast, Audience Participation, Human Performance, Safety Differently, Safety Leadership... and everything else you can search.

This is the FIRST ANNUAL CALL-IN SHOW!  You asked for it and you got it.  This show is completely made up of callers who either asked questions, offered ideas, or just talked about what they are thinking about as it relates to the New View of Safety.
Thanks for making this podcast the fastest growing safety podcast in the world.  You make the podcast go.  You are the real stars of this show.   


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