PAPod 120 - Timothy Van Goethem - Safety Differently Globally


Safety Podcast, Safety Program, Safety Storytelling, Investigations, Human Performance, Safety Differently, Operational Excellence, Resilience Engineering, Safety and Resilience Incentives

This episode of the PreAccident Podcast is a fun romp through the eyes of a safety manager doing real work every day with real people.  I love this episode because it is fun and very imformative.

Timothy is a safetly leader in his company and he is working in the EU market everyday.  He is thoughtful and smart, mostly however he is funny and clever - two of my favorite things.   Listen carefuly to this episode - there is much here for all to learn and laugh.

Thanks for your support of the podcast.  You make this podcast go.  If you are interested in being a sponspor to the podcast, and who isn't?, give me an email and I can set your organization up.  I know people.  Thanks for listening.

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