PAPod 127 - An Australian Forester Speaks about Wildland Fire and Safety


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Ivan Pupilidy and I sat down for a conversation with one of the most interesting people I have talked to in a long while.  Meet Roger Strickland, Australian, Fire Fighter, Trainer, Leader, Listener, Story-teller, and most importantly - a great learner of how things normally go right in order to understand how things sometimes go wrong (Thanks Erik).

This conversation, the first of what I hope is many, talks about wildland fire and learning.  What a great topic.  We can all learn from such great conversations.  Sit back and enjoy how much you will gleen from this little talk.   

Thanks for being a part of the Podcast.  You are a big reason we keep having such good conversations.  Without you we would never get the chance to share such important information.

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