PAPod 130 - People Really Are The Solution - Meet Angela Durkin


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I recored this episode of the PAPod in a hotel lounge in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It was a beautiful day and we had just had an amazing event with a group of senior operations leaders.  

I just mentioned to the COO, Angela Durkin, that I wiould love to get her on the podcast and she said yes.   You never want to give a senior leader much time to think about the decision to be on the podcast because they will think of many reasons why it is not the best idea.  

So we grabbed a couple of chairs and had a discussion.  It was great.  Thanks to Maersk and Angela for making this happen.  You will like this podcast a lot.

Thanks to you as well.   You make the podcast go.   It is very fun to have you on board.  Tell your friends and get ready for some fun.

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