PAPod 179 - Food Safety and Safety Differently - Sarah Taber - Food To Taber Fellow Podcaster


Dr. Sarah Taber began crop consulting in 2006. Her work since then has focused on regulatory compliance (including food safety), IPM, crop care, and making work flows as efficient as possible in farms and facilities. Through ongoing work as a food safety auditor, Dr. Taber has developed an expert “inspector’s eye” for  potential issues in a facility or blueprint before they cause problems during operation.

Dr. Taber has also enjoyed serving as Director of Food Safety for the Aquaponics Association since 2013. This role has led to some extraordinary opportunities– being on the front line of an emerging market, cutting-edge research, and policy development for the aquaponics industry.

When not working with clients or developing aquaponics-friendly agricultural policy, Sarah Taber enjoys spending time with her family and contributing to the inevitable heat death of the universe at the gym.

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