PAPod 202 - SPECIAL EPISODE - Shane and Todd discuss the Big Discussion - Don’t miss it!



On Feb 6 and 7, 2019 in Denver, Colorado there is a special two-day workshop on Advanced HOP Practices.

If you have practitioner-level knowledge on Safety Differently, you will find the Big Discussion a great use of your time and effort.  This workshop agenda is completely organic and will be set by what the workshop participants need to discuss.

The second day is focused entirely on practice...and LEARNING.  I know it a busy time, both Shane and I believe this will be an excellent use of your time.   Please Plan on Attending.  We want you there!

If you are interested contact:

Don't miss this.  It is by special request and 

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Thanks for listening and tell your friends.  See you on the bulletin board in some safety room.

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