PAPod 228 - A Reunion of Sorts: Tony, Rob, Shane, and Todd


Get Caught Trying to Make the World Better!

This was a special opportunity to get a gang together and have a chat.  I am not sure this will happen again - it never happened before this time...

See if you can hear how HPI has changed in the last 20 years - we talk about how we all go started...and where we are now...and where this will all go.

Special Thanks to HPRCT for letting this happen.

Best Safety Podcast, Safety Program, Safety Storytelling, Investigations, Human Performance, Safety Differently, Operational Excellence, Resilience Engineering, Safety and Resilience Incentives...

Give this a listen.

Thanks for listening and tell your friends.  See you on Audible...a couple books are up on there.  Have a great day as well.


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