PAPod 25 - Ken Phillips - Here is what High Reliability Looks Like


This is the best July 4th episode I can think of...  Will you please welcome Mr. Ken Phillips, a 29-year veteran of the National Park Service, Chief of the Service's Branch of Search and Rescue. Ken is remarkable in every way.  In fact his name has been mentioned more then once on this podcast.  

I am so lucky to have known Ken for a good long time.   In many ways we started our journey to safety differently, together.

Here he is.... and you will love this podcast.  I mean really love this podcast.  It is amazing and good.

Ken has done more rescues then anybody else on the planet....and yet he is a safety genius. He is a student of the New View of safety... well read, deep understanding, and so very smart.

If you only listen to one podcast.  Make it this one.  
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