PAPod 31 - John Sauer - Toilet Talk -Another world talks about Systems Thinking


Greetings Fellow Podcast Listeners.   Today is going to be a great journey in to a new problem set.  Today we are going to talk about toilets and poop.  If that leading statement does not catch your eye, I am not sure what would catch your attention.   Water and Sanitation is a complex problem around the world - Just as safety and reliability is a complex, albeit different, problem.  This podcast is about what our two professions have in common.  Believe it or not, the creation of safe work environments is very similar to the creation of sanitation and water security.

Both worlds know that the system matters, the system is important, and the system is what we can help guid towards greater capacity.
Listen to this podcast with two goals:  What can I learn from this discussion of sanitation to help my thinking and my organization?  What can I share to help this organization move forward in its goal of providing sanitation and water to the world?
Thanks for listening.  You make the podcast go!
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