PAPod 32 - Fatalities and Serious Events: A New View - Jim Howe


"When a fatality or serious event happens - it is not a safety is an operation's failure.  We have the wrong people trying to prevent the most serious events and it is no wonder that we struggle so hard with these problems..."

Meet Jim Howe.  If you don't know Jim you probably haven't been to a major safety meeting in a long time. Jim is the Founder of Safety Solutions.  Safety Solutions is a consulting firm that specializes in management systems and the application of systems thinking to Safety and Health.  Jim travels the world working with companies to solve very difficult problems...and he is good at it, real good.
But what Jim does best is provide thoughtful discussions about how we do our work.  Jim knows reliability, Human Performance, Human Factors, and safety.  He shares some of the knowledge with us in this episode. Jim talks about the difference between big events and small events, but he does this in a way that will make you think twice about some very basic assumptions that exist in the world of management and leadership.
Enjoy this podcast.  It is great!
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