PAPod 35 - Patient Safety, Surgery, and young Dr. Young


In my never ending quest to represent Medical Safety and the New View I have "bagged" a great interview just for you guys.   

Medial Safety, Patient Safety, High Reliability, and the people who actually do the work make up a huge area of interest and improvement for all of us.  We all know that many, many cases of medical error happen on a daily basis, yet our access in to the world is very complicated.
Today that changed.   Today we get to hear a surgeon speak frankly about what keeps his patients safe and reliable.  Dr. Eric Young speaks openly and frankly about what he does to ensure reliable performance in a variable environment.   You are going to be surprised at the error-reduction tools they use.  Happily surprised by the use of the very same tools we use.
Listen to this episode a couple of times.  It is a great episode.  Thanks for listening.  Keep doing it!!!
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