PAPod 38 -The Todd Cast - Todd Hohn, UL Health and Safety


Meet Todd Hohn a close friend and associate of many, many years.  Todd has worked in health and safety for many years and in multiple industries.  You will notice I am using the words health and safety to describe his job.  That is because this pod cast is going to spend as much time talking about health as it does talking about safety.  Emphasizing the health part of health and safety is pretty unusual in our industry (and in this pod cast - which is a problem I am working hard to remedy).

Todd is the Global Manager of Health and Safety for Underwriter's Laboratory UL.  This is a fun podcast that will take you on a journey around the intersection of worker heath and worker performance.  Enjoy this episode.   
Thanks for listening and taking part in the PreAccident Podcast.  It is great to have you on the team.
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