PAPod 42 - Safety Differently - Daniel Hummerdal


This podcast is a fun romp in to the new view of safety and reliability.  Daniel is a safety professional who is solely interested in innovative and restorative ways to manage safe in a large, high-risk operation.  He is smart, clever, and interesting.  You will love this episode.  This episode will make you think about the way your organization thinks about safety in the modern world.  If that was all this podcast did - that would be well-worth listening for a half-hour.

But even better still is the fact that Daniel decided a year of so ago to take this excitement around the new view of safety and put it all on a web-site.  Daniel is the founder of "Safety Differently."  This web page is an amazing resource for anyone who is interested in the new view.  If you don't know this webpage, it is time that you do.
Safety, High Reliability, Organizational Systems and Daniel.  What a great mix.  Thanks for listening to this episode.  Thanks for listen to all of the episodes.  You make the podcast go!
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