PAPod 46 - A Fireman Speaks about Safety - Bert Brugghemans


How does classical music and emergency operations fit together?  The quick answer is that both of them require, need, embrace an operational manager, an incident commander, a conductor.   This podcast is by one of my favorite people I have ever met giving a speech.  He is smart, funny, clever, creative, and damn good at what he does.  Please meet Bert Brugghemans, Fire Officer in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.   

Bert discusses his ideas and learning from a lifetime of working in the emergency response world.  He talks about safety.  He talks about communication.  He talks about reliability.  He talks about safety differently.   You are going to love this podcast.  If not. full money back.
Listen carefully to Bert Brugghemans discuss leadership and its importance to our world.  This one is for you!  Thanks for listening, you make the podcast go!