PAPod 47 - Beyond Blame - Dave Zwieback


There is a new book in town.... and it is a good one.   Beyond Blame is a story about how one organization had to move past the old ways of viewing the world and start looking at new ways to learn and improve. 

This podcast is a crossover between DevOps, High Reliability Computing, Safety, Human Performance, Operations, and pretty much any other process that is too risky to leave alone and too valuable to fail.  I love the fact that our worlds are colliding and combining.  You will really like this podcast no matter which world you operate within...he says, ending a sentence with a preposition.
Dave Zwieback has been working with complex, mission-critical I.T. services and teams for two decades. His career spans small high-tech startups, non-profits, and behemoth engineering, financial services, and pharmaceutical firms.  He is involved in the AWSOME POSTMORTEMS workshops!. Almost everything about Dave is cool.  Listen and find out more.  Thanks for being a part of the podcast.  You make the podcast go!!!
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