PAPod 49 - Frank Dunlap, Safety Guy, talks about his journey to the New View


Safety Podcast, New View Safety, High Reliability, Human Performance, and Applied Safety from the Sharp End.

This is Frank Dunlap.  Frank is a safety guy, hard hat, steel toes, extra pair of safety glasses, messy office he is never in, Frank is a safety guy.  The only difference is that Frank started his company on a journey towards the new view.   
I asked Frank to be on this episode just so we could all hear what life is like on the sharp end of the stick for real-life safety.  He did a fine job telling me all about his life.  I know you will learn much from what Frank has to say.  Sit back and enjoy the world from the working end.
Thanks for listening to the podcast.  You make the podcast go.   
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