PAPod 57 - System Reliability - John Allspaw


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So this podcast episode is one I have been looking forward to doing for almost a year.  When the podcast first started a person "tweeted" an episode on being wrong...and suddenly dozens of people were asking me about John Allspaw.  

John has worked in systems operations for over fourteen years in biotech, government and online media. He started out tuning parallel clusters running vehicle crash simulations for the U.S. government, and then moved on to the Internet in 1997. He built the backing infrastructures at,, Friendster, and Flickr. He is now the CTO at Etsy, and is the author of "The Art of Capacity Planning" and "Web Operations" published by O'Reilly. He speaks from time to time at conferences on topics related to web operations, operations and development culture, infrastructure, and capacity planning.

He's a dad, guitarist, engineer, and wiseguy.  He is also a great podcast interview.  I bet you cannot listen to this episode with learning something new...come on!  Take the bet.  You know I am good for it.  I know you will love this episode.  Thanks for listening and tell your friends.  You are a a part of the fastest growing safety podcast on earth!

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PS.  Hey John.  I play the guitar, you play the guitar, we should play guitar.