PAPod 73 - An Over-Emphasis on Prevention?


Safety Podcast, New Safety, Safety Learning, Human Performance, Safety II, Operational Learning

OK.  Fasten your seat belts...I am about to say something that I never imagined I would ever say.  We are putting too much emphasis on prevention.  So much emphasis that we are not managing safeguards and controls very well.  We have talked ourselves in to believing that every accident can be prevented.  We have sold this idea to people so well that they actually believe it.   

The problem is when a bad thing happens - our workers are caught with their symbolic pants down.   Think of the automotive industry, think of all the defenses that are in a new car, and ask yourself this questions, "Should we be asking drivers not to crash, or managing the outcomes of the crashes we know will happen?"

Thanks for listening to the podcast.    This is sponsored by Safety On The Edge in Atlanta, Ga - June 29.
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