PAPod 88 - Edgar Schein - The Father of Organizational Culture Speaks


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OK!   In the podcast world there are guests and then there are GUESTS.  The bigger the name the bigger the "GET."  I would have never dreamt that I would have Edgar Schein on our little PreAccident Podcast.  Never in a million years!  And yet...

Here is Dr. Edgar Schein, Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management.  This discussion is remarkable because Dr. Schein talks about his reluctant entry in to the world of safety culture and the new view.  His comment is, "I did not choose safety.  Safety choose me."  This conversation is interesting, challenging, and remarkable.  I know you will find this an important podcast.

Thanks for listening to the podcast.  Special Thanks to our sponsor for this important episode, ORCHSE.COM.   Tell your friends and keep listening.   You make the podcast go!


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