Safety Moment - Cascading to Non-Recovery


Hello People of the New View.

Safety podcasts can get a bit boring.  I just recently listened to a couple other podcasts and felt that I did not hear anything new...and then I read the newspaper while waiting at the airport...and the article I read talked about the idea of "Cascading to Non-Recovery."
I was hooked.  All average discussions about safety went away from my mind and I was enthralled by the idea of cascading to non-recovery.   The idea is a bit linear, but none-the-less a very interesting way to think about how an event happens.   
This safety moment is a discussion about how all events move from recovery to non-recovery.  This is important to students of the new view because it uses system stability to discuss system failure.
See what you think?   I think you will like this phrase.  Thanks for listening.

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