Safety Moment - Everything Is Obvious Once It Happens!


Safety, Safety Management, High Reliability, Safety Differently, Operational Excellence.

Whatever you call it...Our jobs are to try and predict the future.  It is very hard to predict the future.  It is easy, however, to predict the past...and our organizations tend to want to spend time and resources predicting events that have already happened.  Needless to say (yet I will still say it) prediction of events that have happened is a waste of time.
Everything is obvious after it has happened.  
This safety moment gently reminds us during difficult times that our job is to be much more aware of how successful processes are completed.  It is in our understanding of good work that we learn of the potential for bad outcomes.  Stop rehashing what should have happened and start talking about what capacity we have to manage the failure that is not as obvious...the failure that has yet to happen.  Thanks for listening.  You guys rock!!!
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