Safety Moment - If it is emotionally satisfying - Do the opposite


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This safety moment comes from a HR person who said she learned a long time ago that if punishment feels emotionally satisfying, punishment is not the right thing to do>

That made me start thinking about culture and justice and all the things that make up our constant struggle to make the world a better place.   We know that if we punish to make ourselves feel better about the organiztion that is the wrong thing to do.  I worry that much of what happens is that we make the worker the bad guy in order to shift blame away from who we are as an organization.  That can't be right.

Listen and see what you think!  Remember culture cannot be just - people must be just in order to make a just culture.   

Thanks for listening.  This is a good one!  Go to Itunes and tell the world just how "5 star" you feel...thanks again!

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