Safety Moment - Perceptions Count


The Chicago School Sociologist, W.I. Thomas once said, "Perceptions are reality - perceptions count."  And boy was he right.  The only things that matters is what is perceived.  And perceptions are not reality - except that according to ole W.I. Thomas - they are reality.

I don't want to "blow your mind" but the way that you think about your work is not the same way others think about your work.  It is so important to know that what the worker's think is probably more important then what you think.  Sorry about that, it sort of removes you from the center of the universe.
The new view of safety is a shift, not in safety behaviors, but in safety thinking.  In fact, the worker almost never has to change in order for your organization to move in to the new view.   You must change!  Your management must change! this change is yours - not theirs.
Sit back and enjoy a thought that you can't hear enough...  No matter how many times you listen.
Thanks for listening.
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