PAPod 42 - Safety Differently - Daniel Hummerdal


This podcast is a fun romp in to the new view of safety and reliability.  Daniel is a safety professional who is solely interested in innovative and restorative ways to manage safe in a large, high-risk operation.  He is smart, clever, and interesting.  You will love this episode.  This episode will make you think about the way your organization thinks about safety in the modern world.  If that was all this podcast did - that would be well-worth listening for a half-hour.

But even better still is the fact that Daniel decided a year of so ago to take this excitement around the new view of safety and put it all on a web-site.  Daniel is the founder of "Safety Differently."  This web page is an amazing resource for anyone who is interested in the new view.  If you don't know this webpage, it is time that you do.
Safety, High Reliability, Organizational Systems and Daniel.  What a great mix.  Thanks for listening to this episode.  Thanks for listen to all of the episodes.  You make the podcast go!

Safety Moment - Welcome to Country - Barry McGuire


This comes from the CME meeting in Western Australia.  I have never heard a "welcome to country" before at any conference or meeting in the US.  I was not prepared for the power and effect this welcome would have on me and my fellow meeting attendees.  

Mr. McGuire is a masterful story teller, welcomer, and speaker.   His background and life has equipped him for this amazing moment.  Listen carefully to the beauty and warmth and ask yourself, "are we welcoming?"

PAPod 41 - Comedian Kent Whipple and the power of the story


Kent Whipple is funny.  He is a comedian and new media manager for an Improve Company in Seattle - Unexpected Productions.  He is also very interested in the New View of Human Performance.  Kent knows a lot about what we do and the world we are trying to better understand.  His answer?  It is all about the story.  The story we tell the workers.  The story the workers tell us.  The story of a failure.  The story of Success.  It is all about the story.

Kent talks about telling stories and the power that exists in this process.  This is a great podcast and a huge part of the work we do.
Safety and safety culture are all about the stories we tell.  Listen to Kent's!!

Safety Moment - Transparency is the solution for complexity


Safety.  Safety Culture.  High Reliability.  Human Performance.  Safety Systems.  Safety Differently.  New View.  Highly Reliable, Robust System...

All of these topics all are the complexity of the organizations in which we work.
You don't simplify complexity - you make is visible.   
Listen to this podcast episode and see what you think?
Thanks for listening

PAPod 40 - Dr. Daved van Stralen on High Reliability


Workplace Safety, Safety Culture, High Reliability, Operational Excellence, Systems Resilience.

What do all of these have in common?  More then you think.  Dr Daved van Stralen is a great voice in the world of highly reliable systems and organizations.  He has led conferences all over the world, he has written articles, he coaches people almost every friday...Why does he do it?  This episode will tell you a lot about his motivation and skills in this arena.
This may very well be the perfect venue for Dave.  He is quick, smart, and pointed in how he describes what he is thinking about.  You will like this podcast much.  
Listen for the expanding capacity idea.  This discussion, alone, is worth listening to this episode.

Safety Moment - People Stop and Problems Move On…


Safety Podcast, Velocity 2015 - New York, human performance, medical safety, high reliability.

Time is important to safety.  We must learn to create time when we have events.  This episode discusses this very issue in an interesting way.  
Enjoy and thanks for listening.

Safety Moment - Zero is the outcome - NOT THE PROCESS


I can't seem to get enough of the Zero Accident discussion.  I have it in my sleep.  I am constantly stopped on the street to talk about it.  Zero is on the side of every truck that comes to fix stuff in my office.   Zero, zero, zero, zero.   Enough already!

This episode talks about Zero as a part of Workplace Safety, High Reliability, Safety Culture.   We are using zero wrong and it is making our organization more quiet and less safe.   Zero is the end product, not the way we do work.
See what you think?   Give this a listen.

PAPod 39 - High Reliability, Safety, and Delivering Babies -Dr. Alan Frankfurt


Dr. Alan Frankfurt almost did not make this episode of the PreAccident Prevention Podcast.  Not because he had to step out to deliver a small, young life in to this crazy world - but because he is so humble about his role in understanding safety and reliability in healthcare that he did not think he had much to add to this discussion.

You will soon see how wrong he was.
Dr. Frankfurt is simply one of the best real-time practitioners of High Reliability I have ever spent time hanging out with.... he is fun, smart, and good at what he does.
Do not miss this podcast.  Medial safety, patient safety, High Reliability in Hospitals are all topics Alan can speak with great knowledge and experience.

Safety Moment - Always Say Yes - Bill Rigot


Try this on for size?  Can we better manage safety, operational excellence, human performance, high reliability, and our organizations by simply saying yes - and not saying no "no."   Bill Rigot, our friend the genius investigator and reformed engineer (my words - not his), tells a story from his past about the importance of service, of saying yes, and doing good work. 

Give this a listen and enjoy.  It is a great safety moment.

PAPod 38 -The Todd Cast - Todd Hohn, UL Health and Safety


Meet Todd Hohn a close friend and associate of many, many years.  Todd has worked in health and safety for many years and in multiple industries.  You will notice I am using the words health and safety to describe his job.  That is because this pod cast is going to spend as much time talking about health as it does talking about safety.  Emphasizing the health part of health and safety is pretty unusual in our industry (and in this pod cast - which is a problem I am working hard to remedy).

Todd is the Global Manager of Health and Safety for Underwriter's Laboratory UL.  This is a fun podcast that will take you on a journey around the intersection of worker heath and worker performance.  Enjoy this episode.   
Thanks for listening and taking part in the PreAccident Podcast.  It is great to have you on the team.


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