Safety Moment - Post-Job Briefing


Probably the most important time to talk about safety is after the successful completion of work.  You will never prevent an accident by studying an accident.  You must understand how successful work was done - and you should use this time to learn, learn, learn.

This Safety Moment talks about this very topic.   I am interested in how you do post-job learning.
Listen to this safety moment.  You will like this one.

PAPod 28 - Ivan Comes Again - A new view of accident investigations.


This is part two of the conversation with Ivan Pupulidy.  This time we talk about Ivan's work with understanding operational failures.  Todd and Ivan talk like old friends - because they are old teaching buddies.  In this conversation Ivan Pupulidy, Director of the Office of Learning at the US Forest Service, talks about the new view, learning, and the journey we are all taking to see the world in a new light.  Ivan's has an extensive background in Aviation Safety, Fire Fighting, Operational Safety, and Accident Investigation and Learning.  

Safety Moment - Perceptions Count


The Chicago School Sociologist, W.I. Thomas once said, "Perceptions are reality - perceptions count."  And boy was he right.  The only things that matters is what is perceived.  And perceptions are not reality - except that according to ole W.I. Thomas - they are reality.

I don't want to "blow your mind" but the way that you think about your work is not the same way others think about your work.  It is so important to know that what the worker's think is probably more important then what you think.  Sorry about that, it sort of removes you from the center of the universe.
The new view of safety is a shift, not in safety behaviors, but in safety thinking.  In fact, the worker almost never has to change in order for your organization to move in to the new view.   You must change!  Your management must change! this change is yours - not theirs.
Sit back and enjoy a thought that you can't hear enough...  No matter how many times you listen.
Thanks for listening.

PAPod 27 - Safety Differently - A conversation with Corrie Pitzer


Corrie Pitzer, if you don't already know him, is a specialist in strategic safety management and is a leading consultant in the field throughout Australia, North America, South America and South Africa.  His work is based on extensive research which resulted in his establishing a new concept of safety:  Risk Competency.

This is a great way to re-vision our traditional view of crime and punishment safety leadership.  Corrie is funny, clever, interesting, and always has strong ideas...just what I like in a friend and colleague.  The idea that you can not remove risk, so you have to teach people how to manage risk is really interesting.  
I will be surprised if you don't listen to this podcast a couple of times.  Corrie is that interesting and entertaining.  See if you can get behind the idea of safety differently.
Thanks for listening.  It would not be a podcast without you.

Safety Moment - Exit Row Briefing - Troy Ogden


Special Thanks to Brasfield & Gorrie for loaning us Troy for this OE moment.  It is one of the best I have ever heard.

PAPod 26 - Healthcare and Safety - Meet Amanda Kuentsler


Amanda discusses the very important ideas around safety and healthcare - everything from patient safety to worker safety and health - and in between.  Amanda is a student of the New View and has spent a lot of time thinking about the intersection between the old ideas of safety and the new ideas of safety and how all of this fits in the healthcare world.

You will like this podcast.  You will love Amanda... the honesty and interest that Amanda shares with all of us makes this podcast episode very informative.
This is the first of a series of healthcare industry podcasts that are in the queue...

Safety Moment - Weak Signals Matter


You will not prevent the next accident by studying the last accident.  I know this idea is incredibly appealing, in fact most organizations tell me they are fixated in making sure they "never have a repeat occurrence." The quickest answer to this idea is to simply state:  "You will never have the exact same event twice."  

What seems most important is the power of small signals that indicate an increase in safety threats to a stable system.  Weak signals are everything - and yet we often move as leadership teams in to a type of "collective neglect" about the power of a weak signal.
Listen carefully to your organization.  Those weak signals can (and will) tell you much.

PAPod 25 - Ken Phillips - Here is what High Reliability Looks Like


This is the best July 4th episode I can think of...  Will you please welcome Mr. Ken Phillips, a 29-year veteran of the National Park Service, Chief of the Service's Branch of Search and Rescue. Ken is remarkable in every way.  In fact his name has been mentioned more then once on this podcast.  

I am so lucky to have known Ken for a good long time.   In many ways we started our journey to safety differently, together.

Here he is.... and you will love this podcast.  I mean really love this podcast.  It is amazing and good.

Ken has done more rescues then anybody else on the planet....and yet he is a safety genius. He is a student of the New View of safety... well read, deep understanding, and so very smart.

If you only listen to one podcast.  Make it this one.  

Safety Moment - Why Stop Work May Be A Bad Idea


Whoa...That is a dangerous title for a safety podcast.  What could be wrong with the Todd Conklin fellow?  Has he lost his mind?  Is he crazy?  You be the judge.  Safety people have for too long rested on the idea that having a strong "stop work" policy is the strongest and best safety program any organization could possibly have.  I say, "that's crap!"  In fact, if you are counting on stop work to save a worker's life  - that means all of the other safety programs you have in your entire organization have failed both you and the poor worker on the front line.  I will make a case that stop work makes leaders lazy..... really lazy.  Listen to this episode, safety folks, and see if you can help think of a better way to package the idea that any worker has the power to not do something that will hurt them.  Just an idea.  See what you think?


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