PAPod 46 - A Fireman Speaks about Safety - Bert Brugghemans


How does classical music and emergency operations fit together?  The quick answer is that both of them require, need, embrace an operational manager, an incident commander, a conductor.   This podcast is by one of my favorite people I have ever met giving a speech.  He is smart, funny, clever, creative, and damn good at what he does.  Please meet Bert Brugghemans, Fire Officer in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.   

Bert discusses his ideas and learning from a lifetime of working in the emergency response world.  He talks about safety.  He talks about communication.  He talks about reliability.  He talks about safety differently.   You are going to love this podcast.  If not. full money back.
Listen carefully to Bert Brugghemans discuss leadership and its importance to our world.  This one is for you!  Thanks for listening, you make the podcast go!

Safety Moment - Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  This safety moment is created to remind us that mostly things go right in our organizations.   Mostly people don't get hurt.  Mostly work happens they way we plan it to happen.  Mostly our jobs are spent making the world better. 

That is important to remember.  Safety is not the absence of failure.  Safety is the presence of capacity...and our world has so much capacity. 
Thanks for listening to the podcast.  Tell your friends.  Happy Thanksgiving!

PAPod 45 - David Marx - The Just Culture Guru Has a New Book!


Safety, Safety Culture, Human Performance, High Reliability, Just Culture:

Welcome David Marx to the Podcast!!!  Todd and David have a great conversation about choice, free-will, deli sandwiches, happiness, love, and the meaning of life...well maybe we don't go that deeply, but it is close to those topics.   
David talks about his new book, "Dave's Subs" and what this book was created to do for the world of New View Safety and Operations.  It is a great conversation.  We had a good time.
Thanks for listening to the podcast.  You make this podcast successful   Thanks for listening and being a part of this adventure.

Safety Moment - ALFA Tool


Safety, High Reliability, Human Performance, Safety Culture...

Here is a tool that was referenced earlier in the podcast episodes by Danial Hummerdal.  A quick discussion of this tool to help you do your important work.
Thanks for listening to the podcasts.  You're helping to build community overtime you listen.

PAPod 44 - Jim Barker, Organizational Complexity, Returns!!!


Remember Jim Barker.  You loved him last time and you will really love him this time.  He talks in even more detail about organizations and complexity.  Jim is the real deal expert in this topic and I love his thinking.  Clearly you do as well by the number of requests we got to get him back on the podcast.

Listen to Jim talk about Safety and Organizational Complexity.  It is another good ride.   
Thanks for listen to the podcast!  You are the best.

Safety Moment - Why Workers Don’t Fix Problems


There are three reasons workers don't fix problems..... only three.... and they are interesting to all of us.

Listen carefully to this episode and see what you think.   Our job is to help workers get better...and in doing so our job becomes a job that moves away the barriers to effective and reliable performance.  
It is a great job....
Thanks for listening to the podcast!  You make it go.

PAPod 43 - Jim Howe Interviews Todd Conklin


Safety Culture, Safety Leadership, Safety Metics, Human Performance, Safety Differently.

In this episode the Great Jim Howe interviews Todd Conklin.
I like the way Jim asks the questions.  It is fun.
I know, I know.... I recorded this in October and released it in November.  Sorry...  I got busy and humans are fallible..even the best make mistakes.
Thanks for listening.

Safety Moment - Metric ARE Incentives


You have all heard it.  Many of you have said it.  We do what we measure......  could that be true of lost time injuries?  Could it......   We do what we measure.

Thanks for listening to the podcast.  You are great!


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